Statement of Mission:

To provide compassionate, comprehensive, and competent care for the poor, the marginal and the wounded among us.  This commitment is woven in the Gospel vision that all life is sacred and every human person is unique and has the right to be respected and protected.  

Specifically, we are committed to young people and families in crisis, pregnant women and mothers and babies in crisis and all other wounded people, within our society, who are seen as abandoned and neglected.

Thus, we seek to be men and women of hope in a world of shattered dreams.  

Ed Technology Specialists is proud to be able to support communities around schools by donating a portion of its gross revenue to the following causes:

Island Harvest has become Long Island’s largest hunger relief organization. It's volunteers and staff deliver millions of pounds of good, surplus food – much of which might otherwise go to waste – to a network of 570 Long Island-based food pantries, soup kitchens and other non-profit organization that offer feeding services for those in need. By doing this, they provide a vital supply of food to counter the sharply rising problem of hunger here.

In recent years, they have begun to attack hunger in targeted and strategic ways. The most visible example of this is the Weekend Backpack Feeding Program. Piloted in 2006, this initiative provides 35,000+ packs of nutritious food to schoolchildren who rely on school lunches and breakfasts and may not receive solid meals on weekends.