LAUSD Teachers

The following courses have been approved by the LAUSD Joint Salary Point Committee for 2 Salary Points. These courses can be applied to each schedule of the LAUSD Salary Table.  Courses are $179.00 for each 2 Salary Point course.  

Our courses are self-paced.  There are four start dates for our courses.  You will have two full sessions to complete a course, but extensions can be granted. 

Fall Session: October 5- December 15
Winter Session: January 20- March 30
Spring Session: April 10- June 20
Summer Session: July 5- August 20

Receiving credit: Within 2 weeks of the end of the session in which you successfully complete your course, your paperwork will be submitted to LAUSD and you will receive proof of completion for your records.

Register through Ed Technology Specialists by clicking “Register” underneath one or more courses below.  You will be sent an email with further directions on how to pay for and start the course.  The tuition fee to Ed Technology Specialists is $179 for a 2 Salary Point Course.  

Visual Learners in the Digital Age: Digital Storytelling, Infographics, and Other Web 2.0 Tools   

Course # NA-11-116       Instructor: Mallack Walsh                                                     2 salary points

In his theory of multiple intelligences, Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard suggests that “students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways”.  Visual/spatial intelligence is the ability to perceive, use, and understand images and patterns and to think in terms of physical space.  In this highly entertaining and engaging course, taught by a Google Certified Trainer, participants will explore tools that support visual/spatial teaching and learning.  Participants will create lesson plans with creative web tools that aid in the creation of infographics, visuals, multimedia, and other digital products.  Participants will collaborate and share their lessons with each other.  Tools that will be investigated include PowToons, Google Drawings, PiktoChart, and ThingLink, among others.  Participants meet virtually via online communities to discuss and share lessons and strategies.   REGISTER